Urban View

urbanview2_plakat_bezbelki-04URBAN VIEW

A city must be constantly analysed and created anew, so that it lives up to the expectations of its inhabitants. A film is an excellent tool to closely examine the urban fabric, analyse its condition and the directions in which it is heading.

In 2015 the Urban View was one of the competitions of the Short Waves Festival. Since 2016, the project was extracted and developed as a separate event. The Urban View is not only a competition of short films. The project itself stimulates action of the urban fabric through workshops, films screenings with discussions, or a unique Urban Walk. All these events are not only aimed at initiating a dialogue about architecture and the city in which we live, but also at stimulating action and development in the area starting from the closest surroundings, regardless of its form e.g. planting, or modern solutions to communication problems.

A city as a phenomenon deserves special attention. Therefore, thanks to the Urban View we move to places that pose crucial questions about the quality of life in the urban jungle.