Wartostrada Filmowa

wartostrada2016_plakat-03WARTOSTRADA FILMOWA: Short Waves flows on Wielkopolska

The premise of the project is the organisation of open-air shows during the summer in towns and cities along the Warta River in Wielkopolska Region. So far, there have been two editions of the project. In 2014 the audience could take part in screenings, lectures and discussions in Konin, Oborniki, Poznań, Śrem, Puszczykowo and in 2016 in Poznań, Oborniki and Sieraków. The main concept of the program was water in different perspectives: as a philosophical and symbolic theme, as a fluid of a vital role in cities, or as an infinite source of inspiration for filmmakers and artists.

The Ad Arte Foundation is particularly interested in the continuous expansion of activities  popularising short films and going beyond lasting a few days the Short Waves Festival. One of the priorities is to reach out not only to the fans of the short films, but also to the local community.
The project was cofinanced by the Government of Wielkopolska Voivodship and the City of Poznan.